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What a cracking little album this is. I'd never heard of Harriet Bartlett but came across her whilst listening to an Andy Kershaw show on the net.

It seems she is one of those people who seem almost too blessed. Not only is she a talented musician and singer at sixteen, but she has the kind of looks that would turn heads in any branch of show business let alone the folk world, where half the men look like Worzel Gummidge and half the women look like men.

I'm no expert, but she sounds to me like a very gifted accordian player, as good as the few I've heard, with a singing voice of great pureness and clarity.

Her choice of material is generally good and she has the talent to shift seamlessly from the melancholy Leaving Stoer to the sprightly Reel Beatrice within the same medley.

Her version of the Fairport Convention classic Crazy Man Michael manages to bring something new to an old and well loved song and she manages the same trick with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's Music For A Found Harmonium, no mean feat considering the diverse sources.

I'm the kind of folk fan who likes to dip in and out; I like the Fairports, the Thompson's, June Tabor, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny, and a few others. And now I like Harriet Bartlett too.

I would recommend this album to pretty much any folk fan and to anyone who wants something different in their collection. There are some great tunes that you just can't help tapping your foot to, and though she's perhaps too young to move me emotionally I can still get great pleasure from what is a very enjoyable album.

Written by Johnny Blue

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