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Musicians of the calibre of Phil Cunningham, Karen Tweed and Sharon Shannon have just about cleared the accordion or guilt by association with the White Heather Club, the 1950's BBC series with it's cosy, well-scrubbed depiction of Scottish country-dancing.

Every so often, however, mention of the instrument still raises a sneer; perhaps it will take Harriet Bartlett's generation to complete it's rehabilitation.

She has heaps of promise, and looks that would give her a headstart in any TV pop star contest.

Several pieces on this debut, produced by Cunningham, her great friend and mentor, are Bartlett's own compositions and sit respectably alongside traditional tunes and examples of other writers' work.

Culloden's Harvest and the Richard Thompson / Dave Swarbrick classic Crazy Man Michael are mightily impressive. Sharper ears will detect occasional vocal and instrumental wobbles. Harriet Bartlett is not yet Sharon Shannon. But then, Shannon is not 17.

Written by Colin Randall