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From: Carmel Lyons
Date: Fri, 4 July 2008 - 00:22

Hi Harriet, I have just listened to you for the first time on U Tube sent to me by an Irish friend who is a fan of yours since he first heard you. I enjoyed your beautiful singing and playing, you are a very talented young lady. I wish you continued success, and look forward to hearing you live when you come to Dublin. I hope I can get your CD sometime. Best wishes Carmel

From: Johnny Nolan
Date: Thurs, 3 July 2008 - 22:01

Liked that song Harriet - "White Dress" I booked both Sandy Denny and Dave Swarbrick seperate gigs way back when I ran the Jersey Folk Club. Will try and get my local ShannonsideFM to play your songs - regards Johnny Nolan in Longford Town in the middle of Ireland.

From: Hartmut Piekatz
Date: Fri, 13 June 2008 - 14:24

while looking at all these nice photos on your homepage, I am thinking about our folk meeting here at the International Education Centre Scheersberg in May. Thanks a lot for being here with Jamie, thanks for your wonderful concert and the accordion workshop you gave. All the people here were very happy and everybody enjoyed so much these days with you, especially the music and the nice friendly and familiar atmosphere. Thanx for your great support! I would really appreciate to see you again on scheersberg once again! All the best, Hartmut

From: Thomas Helmchen
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 - 21:37

Dear Harriet, thank you for the fantastic workshop you gave in Venne, i have much benefit from this and now i am working on these wonderful tunes. Your Presence on the stage was also very inspirering for me, I enjoyed them both a lot. Hopefully you had a great time in Germany and I am looking forward for next year to see you again.

From: Bernd Kuenzer
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 - 23:12

Hi Harriet (and Jamie), It was so nice to have you here, playing at Scheersberg Folktreffen and doing the workshops. Your show at Sörup Church with a minimum of PA was the best of the four I listened to within one week. Based on Jamie's solid (and great) accompaniment You were daring a lot of extraordinary runs. What a progress compared to Your CD recordings of 2004 which were really not bad. And as I told you... I like the acoustic sound and Your singing. Hope to see You next year or any time in Germany. Take care, Bernd

From: Tobias Kurig
Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 - 11:28

Hi, thanks for the nice days in Venne. I like your musik. i hope see you soon. all the best for you in Germany. Tobi

From: Jodie Gittins
Date: Sat, 19 April 2008 - 14:49

Being your bessie mate thought Id best add a message! I know your the best and uve done so well keep it up matey, Im so proud of you!! xxx

From: John Forse
Date: Thurs, 03 April 2008 - 01:05

Hi Harriet, I've had a good chance now to listen to your CD which I bought at Snelston. I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. Wonderful choice of music, which you play with great sensitivity and technique. I like your version of Crazy man Michael, as I think Sandy was a musical goddess and practically all her solo work and with Fairport set singing standards that are rarely bettered in folk music. The piano accompaniment on it is beautiful. If you do another CD, please put an extended version of your John Cunningham lament on it. Its got the "Tingle Factor"! I've cobbled together a triple repeat version off your Radio Shropshire video to keep me going till you do. Regards, John

From: Tony Scalise
Date: Sat, 09 February 2008 - 20:31

Hi. I just heard your song Great Divide. It's wonderful! I would like to download it but I don't see it on itunes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony

From: Birte Kraminger
Date: Wed, 06 February 2008 - 10:33

Hi, looking forward to see you in venne in may. hope we`ll get the chance to dance while you are playing!!!we love your music! IRISH DANCE COMPANY WILHELMSHAVEN,GERMANY

From: John MacIntyre Aitchinson
Date: Mon, 14 January 2008 - 23:40

Hi Harriet, just thought I would visit your site and say hello . All the best, J A

From: Stewart Lewis
Date: Fri, 23 November 2007 - 21:14

I finally got around to buying your CD. It's really great, it sticks out in my collection of house and dance electronica and really doesn't belong there at all, but it's a little guilty pleasure, something different, lovely. A great voice and loads of talent, and here's me thinking folk music was kinda wafty for the old ramblers, it's not the type of music I'd associate with a damn fine young lady but it's great to see / hear you making music other than the Girls Aloud type pop tripe. You stand alone, cool Miss Original. The closest I'd ever got to folk music was Sasha's Mix of Hedingarna, Kruspolska - http://prev.mp3skyline.com/prelisten?trid=0xbbabc. I'll put your tunes on my Walkman for the next time I take the MTB out to the Peak, I usually travel north from Newcastle to Buxton, when it's sunny I'll travel west and go biking in Shrops, and listen around your inspirational county. Super, keep playing, singing, smiling and most importantly enjoying it. Thank you, Stewart.

From: Vince Hagen
Date: Sun, 12 August 2007 - 21:40

Very uplifting & Your lovley too x

From: Thomas
Date: Tue, 25 June 2007 - 12:54

Hello Harriet, thank you to share your sound with us. Every time I hear "The Roses" - it takes me far away, to an other world! Much success. Greetings from Germany, Thomas

From: Martin Czech / An Rinn
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 - 18:47

Hi Harriet, we must say your concert last Friday at the "Venner Folk Frühling" was overwhelming! Martin

From: Clare Finegan
Date: Sun, 8 April 2007 - 18:47

Hi, we were stood near you at the Seth Lakeman gig in Fareham. It was lovely to chat to you and thank you for the seat/steps. We didn't realise we were talking to such a star!

From: Mike Caruso
Date: Mon, 18 September 2006 - 18:47

Harriet, As my good friend Jackie Moran says- "You play a mean "box"!" I heard you on Accuradio.com. Check into playing the Milwaukee IrishFest or Chicago Celtic Fest next year. Would love to see you perform live!

Mike C. Chicago, IL

From: Peter Joynes
Date: Tues, 05 September 2006 - 17:36

Harriet, Saw you at Shrewsbury and found your playing astonishing. I have seen you before at Bridgnorth festival, but had forgotten exactly how good you were. I am looking forward to hearing your CD very much. Enjoyed your version of White Dress by Dave Swarbrick so much. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes, Peter Joynes. SEPT 06

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