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There have been many memorable evenings at Harbury Folk Club and November's club will probably rank in the top ten for a long time to come. The theme was "Youth" and we were fortunate enough to have one of Britain's finest young accordionists as our special guest.

Harriet Bartlett plays with finesse and almost unbelievable dexterity as well as a maturity that belies her sixteen years. Not only that, but she is also a fine singer and tells some excellent anecdotes. The audience sat spellbound for three quarters of an hour, punctuating each performance with rapturous applause before baying for the obligatory encore. We watched in awestruck amazement as she tackled some complex musical pieces and yet her calm expression showed her to be in complete mastery of her accordion. We can only wait in anticipation to see how her skills develop in the coming years. Her forthcoming CD, produced by Scottish accordion wizard Phil Cunningham, will probably be on the 'wish-list' of everyone who heard her play that night.

Written by Ian Hartland

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