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August 2003

Hi Everyone!!

This is my first newsletter!! Things have been very busy for me. I'm currently putting the finishing touches to the tracks that are going to go on my debut album. I am going up to Glasgow in October to record the CD, it will be released on the Greentrax Label, and that lovely Mr Phil Cunningham is going to be producing it, which will make it fun to do!!

Hopefully it will all be ready to launch at Celtic Connections January 2004 ( www.celticconnections.co.uk ), where I shall be playing, having been one of the winners last year. I'm told I get to support fantastic people. I'm so excited I can't wait!

The CD has taken a long time to prepare, but I wanted it to be right. Quite a few of my own compositions will also be on the CD - I just hope everybody will like them. I do...or else they wouldn't be on there!!!

Also this month, I've been asked by Rees Wesson ( www.oddkey.com) to join him on his CD. Rees and I have played together in sessions for many years now. I also joined him in the Boxing Clever Venue at Sidmouth a few years ago, and I've got to say, he's been very instrumental to me moving forward with my music, and one of my many influences - so I will enjoy joining him on his CD.

In the near future my gigs are:-

6th September Hope Village Hall - Supporting John Spiers and Jon Boden

12 - 14th September Bromyard Folk Festival - www.bromyard-folk-festival.org.uk

27th September Centenary Theatre, Wrekin College - Charity Gig to support Hope House.

6th November Harbury Folk Club, Leamington Spa - www.psmcdonald.ukgateway.net/hfc.htm

Love Harriet

P.S Remember those G.C.S.E's I told you about? Well I've had my results....I got 1 A (Music), 7 B's and 4 C's and I am dead proud of 'em!!! As they were extremely hard work!! Especially when also working on my CD!! :-)