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May 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well, back from my gigs in Germany and Denmark. It was a first for me driving on the right hand side of the road and some 1700 miles later I've got to admit I kind of prefer it. Had a really fantastic time out there.

Firstly, a return to the Venner Folk Frühling. It was great to be asked back after last year's success as a newcomer in Germany, this time as a duo with Jamie McClennan on guitar. The folks there certainly made the gigs a pleasure. I've got to admit I was totally blown away by the several encores we received. Made lots of new friends, and it was lovely to catch up with the ones I made last year too. Enjoyed a brilliant session on Saturday night with the likes of Cara, Jens Kommnick, Colman Connolly and many more.

Then moving on to Northern Germany. We stayed in the gorgeous beach town of Kiel with the wonderful Bernd Kuenzer. Took so many photos. Played in Eckernförde town hall and again enjoyed several encores and a lovely audience. Only disappointment was that I didn't get to see more of this lovely town. Then on to a fabulous concert on the Ochseninsel island in the Flensburg Fjord. A truly beautiful location and amazing people - short trip over on the ferry was very enjoyable and picturesque! Had a fantastic gig and then enjoyed beautiful food and music in the adjoining restaurant. Spent the next day in Flensburg enjoying the amazingly hot weather (26°c or more) and ice cream, and then drove to the final location for the Scheerberg Weekend.

It's hard to explain how much fun I had there. Meeting so many lovely people, both fellow tutors of the workshops and students too - some of who even attempted to teach me to play volleyball. Put it this way, I won't be giving up the music to play volleyball professionally any time soon! Had a lovely meal on the first evening, followed by a "musicians for musicians" concert and then a session. Then up bright and early on Saturday morning to teach accordion for the day. I wasn't sure what to expect of my students, but they were better then I could have ever imagined! A real joy to work with!

Then onto the last day, which started with a presentation from all the workshop groups of what they had learnt over the weekend. Then Jamie and myself played a concert in Sørup church - a beautiful venue. Most of my students from the workshop came to watch (no pressure then!) and it was a fantastic turn out - even when the weather outside was so amazingly sunny! We both really enjoyed this gig and even persuaded the audience to sing along with the songs in English! Once again blown away by the encores and standing ovation! After the gig, we went for a lovely meal alongside the Fjord with the tutors and many jokes were told and then sadly it was time to say farewell to everyone.

I had a really amazing time out there this year and I'd just like to say thankyou to everyone I met for making my visit so memorable and I can't wait to return again! Missing you all already!

Love Harriet x