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August 2004

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're well and enjoying what small amounts of sunshine we're having, and enjoying the festival season.

Things have been going really well for me. I have been invited to do a studio session / interview on the Andy Kershaw Show on Radio 3, to be aired on the 3rd October - "but I'll forget to tune in!" I hear you cry... Don't worry, I'll send out a reminder nearer the time! You don't get out of it that easily!

I'm going to find time to do all those things that you do when you visit London - like having tea with the Queen!! And chatting her up about my M.B.E! Well you can't blame a girl for trying!!

I'm also looking forward to Bromyard, Fylde and Bedworth Folk Festivals (hope to see you all there!), and my tour of Scotland in October and December. I'm starting off in Cumbria and working all the way up to Aberdeen, so I'm not looking forward to the drive back down! Poor ol' Mum! I never notice the distance as I sleep for most of it..

I have been contacted by BBC Midlands Today, who are coming to film me on Monday 2nd August, and it should be aired sometime that week on Midlands Today.

Anyway, hope to see you at a gig somewhere - come and say hi! In the meantime I attach a Gig list for the rest of this year so far below, for you to have a look at. Gigs are already starting to come in for 2005 which is great!

Latest reviews, gigs, photographs can be found on my website at www.harrietbartlett.com

Love Harriet x