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Review of Concert in Strathclyde Suite, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, supporting Christina Pato

"Cristina's band had been preceded by previous Danny Winner, Harriet Bartlett, as the support act. This could have been regarded as drawing the short straw, but Harriet grabbed the audience in her own right.

Not yet a household name in Scotland, she will surely become so. It might even be as the girl who dared to tell Phil Cunningham's doubtful jokes about the legendary Fergie!

She presented a varied repertoire of accordion music -airs, gigs, tunes and dances. Harriet knowledged her debt to Phil musically, though she's a much better singer. She finished up a well planned set with a beautiful air she had composed spontaneously on hearing of the death of Johnny Cunningham. No doubts, here is a talent to watch out for."

Written by Jean Bechhofer