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I first heard Harriet on the radio and thought "here is someone to watch". She has now produced an outstanding first album whilst lamenting the fact that "it has been a long time coming". At 16? It has certainly been well worth waiting for.

The content is varied and fully demonstrates her range of talent. She composes well: it starts with a gently tune Philly Boy, written for her friend Phil Cunningham. He and Aly Bain are honoured again on The Roses.

She introduces us to her voice on Crazy Man Michael and builds on this success with Culloden's Harvest. Her playing can be spirited, as on Dick Gossip's, Jean's Reel and Reel Beatrice, or sensitive as in Leaving Stoer and Karen Tweed's Miss Hanoria McNamara or Ballybunion.

This is a thrice happy album; Harriet takes such obvious joy in playing, the photos on the sleeve show she had a great time making it and listening to it gives a great list. I, for one, am so pleased that she puts Scottish music at the heart of her repertoire.

She finishes with an exquisite unaccompanied rendition of Owen Hand's My Donald. Is she reminding us that she is not just a brilliant young accordion player? I think so and am already looking forward to the next album.

Written by Iain Campbell

Taplas Magazine