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Review of Concert in Main Auditorium of Glasgow Concert Hall, supporting Cherish the Ladies

It used to be that policemen's apparent youth was a mark of the rest of us ageing. These days, even policemen use folk musicians' tender years as their gauge.

Harriet Bartlett has caught the ear of Sergeant Ian Green (retd) of Greentrax Recordings, in addition to being one of last year's Danny award-winners at Celtic Connections, and she marked the release of her first album by opening for the festival's old pals, Cherish the Ladies.

A remarkably self-possessed young woman, the accordionist and singer won an audienceful of friends herself. She certainly knows her way around the accordion keyboard and, as well as playing with a good deal of fizz, she showed genuine feeling on a slow air for Johnny Cunningham, the late brother of her mentor, Phil.

Written by Rob Adams